10 Truths about cats

10 Truths about cats - Verdades ilustradas sobre gatos

10 Truths about cats is the realization of the various strange manias that these balls of hair have. The truths behind the attitudes, at first, gentle of these adorable and mysterious kittens.

The beautiful illustrations were made by designer Manu Cunhas for his book “Como diria meu gato”. Check out the feline perspective on life below.

It’s a box, I can handle it.

Wow, the new scratcher arrived!

Who do you think it is to close a door in my face?!

Finally clean sand! I hope faster in the future…

Do not you dare change your position.

My bag.

Get up as soon as I do not have snooze mode.

Washed and hairless clothing? I think not.

What are you complaining about? This is Love!

I love you more in the cold…

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Criativo, Mandão. Ama comida boa.


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