Hunting Simulator 2: Hunting Basic Guide

Hunting Simulator 2 Hunting Basic Guide

Hunting Simulator 2 Hunting Basic Guide. This guide not only covers the fundamentals of hunting but also provides instructions on playing the game proficiently.

Hunting Simulator 2: Hunting Basic Guide

The Basics When Starting

What to do when you first start?

Upon entering the store for your initial equipment selection, you will observe a surplus of funds at your disposal. My recommendation entails the acquisition of a x6.0 optic, as it is deemed optimal for utility. Simultaneously, you will be provided with the X-bolt composite SF threaded rifle, employing .270 caliber ammunition, well-suited for targets surpassing feline dimensions.

Consider allocating funds towards a shotgun, be it pump-action or double-barreled, for its efficacy in dispatching multiple targets or those in aerial pursuit. Exercise caution, however, as the 12g and 20g variants exhibit limited range, necessitating proximity prior to discharge and anticipating potential untidiness.

In the realm of tools and equipment, the acquisition of goggles is commendable, alongside the strategic deployment of callers to ascertain the location of your quarry. Noteworthy is the operational range of callers, effective within an approximate radius of 150 to 200 meters from your intended target. A caveat is in order: predators, akin to yourself, are proficient hunters. When engaging a caller in their regard, they adopt a stealthy approach, devoid of audible cues, remaining unresponsive to your summons. Exercise discretion in deploying this tool, preferably post-visual confirmation of the predatory presence.

Where to Hunt?

Roosevelt Forest

There are numerous excellent hunting locations, but not every spot harbors quality game. When in Roosevelt Forest, you’ll find that your ears are likely more valuable than your eyes. The trees and vegetation provide ample hiding spots, and the rugged terrain doesn’t make hunting any easier. While you may come across some worthwhile game, let’s be honest, how many people go trekking nowadays?

Pawnee Meadows

  • Now Pawnee Meadows! Nothing to obstruct your vision, fields lost in the middle of nowhere but that’s not what matters really. When going to Pawnee you will be pleased to see that to the south east of the map there is a farm and a road that is behind it. This can be the perfect place to hunt!
  • The farm means game is there and the road behind it assure you that new prey will come in your area BUT ! Shooting a target going more than 50km/h is not easy and they will not stop on this road.
  • I’d recommend aiming for the tire-I mean legs first.

You Are Good and Have Money Now, What Should You Do?


Having achieved great success in your hunting expeditions and now having amassed sufficient funds and confidence for more, I have the perfect solution for you.

I recommend considering an investment in a modern hunting rifle, with my personal favorite being the Rec 10 Flat Dark Earth Cerakote. This choice is primarily due to its caliber, which is .308 as opposed to .223. Although you sacrifice 10 rounds in the magazine, the increased stopping power, in my opinion, makes it worthwhile.

Now that you are fully equipped, you can step up to the big league hunting areas, and there are plenty to explore. From forests and main streets to even beaches, the hunting opportunities are diverse! The pursuit is just beginning, and the prey awaits, so act swiftly!

Written by Der Kriegedited by opapost.

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