DOOM 3: How to Enter the CD Key

Doom 3 How to Insert the CD-Key

DOOM 3: How to Enter the CD Key. I crafted this guide because I noticed that many users have encountered problems with the CD-Key.

DOOM 3: How to Enter the CD Key

Prior to launching the game, you need to be aware of your code. How? It’s easy!

  1. Go to on your Steam library.
  2. Click on DOOM 3 with right mouse.
  3. Manage.
  4. Product Codes.

After seeing your code, you can open the game.

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Upon opening the game, a window will appear instructing you to enter the code. Keep in mind that the aforementioned code is essentially pre-filled, with the first on the left and the last two letters on the right. Your task is to simply input the remaining characters in lowercase beneath. Pay close attention to the details in these images.

Do not disclose your code to others; it is unique and intended solely for your use!

Written by P1N0, edited by opapost.

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DOOM 3 Commands Cheats and Hidden Secrets

DOOM 3: Commands Cheats and Hidden Secrets

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