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Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – Todos os códigos de truques

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – Todos os códigos de truques. Vários Cheat Codes que você pode usar no modo singleplayer ou multiplayer.

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Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – Todos os códigos de truques

Type these into chat in singleplayer to see effect.

MARCO: Reveals the entire map. It works as a switch — on or off — so entering it again will hide the map.

POLO: Removes the fog of war. This too works as a switch, like so entering it again will restore the fog of war.

ALPACA SIMULATOR: Creates an “Alfred the Alpaca”, which looks like a Llama. Very high armour value, trample damage, and attacks with headbutts. Strong in melee combat, weak against speed, ranged attack.

FURIOUS THE MONKEY BOY: Creates a “Furious the Monkey Boy”. Destroys buildings easily, but slow and dies after taking nine hits.

HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON: Creates an “AC Cobra”. Fires rounds of bullets, impressive long range, and high hit points, armour, and damage. Poor AI, bullets harm friendly units.

I DON’T EXIST: Creates a “Penguin”. High armour and damage.

I LOVE THE MONKEY HEAD: Creates a “VMDL”. Quick and good for exploring. Cannot attack but grant attack bonus to buildings if garrisoned. Fun fact: VMDL stands for Villager Male David Lewis and in case you’re wondering, David Lewis was in the team that made the game.

TO SMITHEREENS: Creates a Saboteur. More effective and faster than a Petard, the only non-cheat suicide unit on land.

CHEESE STEAK JIMMY’S: Increases Food by 10,000.

LUMBERJACK: Increases Wood by 10,000.

ROBIN HOOD: Increases Gold by 10,000.

ROCK ON: Increases Stone by 10,000.

NINJACONNOR / NINJALUI / ROWSHEP: Increases all resources by 1,00,000.

!MUTE: Silences taunts. That’s it.

!NOMUTE: Reverses !mute.

AEGIS: Building, researching, resource gathering, and training is done instantly — for everyone including the AI. Works like a switch, so can be turned off.

BLACK DEATH: Kills all other civilisations, except yours. Yes, even your allies.

I R WINNER: Declares your civilisation as the winner.

NATURAL WONDERS: Transfers player control to nature, in lieu of losing control of your civilisation. It is irreversible — there’s no way to regain control of your civilisation other than starting a new game.

RESIGN: You lose the game.

TORPEDO X: Kills the specified civilisation, where “X” is civilisation number from 1 – 8.

WIMPYWIMPYWIMPY: Kills all of your units, resulting in the same outcome as resign.

WOOF WOOF: Transforms birds into “Stormy Dogs”. They are flying dogs with red capes. No gameplay change.

Atalhos de fraude

  • Ctrl + P – Construir estrutura imutável
  • Ctrl + T – Novo menu de recursos
  • Ctrl + Q – Construção rápida
  • Ctrl + C – Ver final
Lembre-se: Ao usar códigos de truques em um jogo, você não poderá ganhar conquistas nesse jogo!

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